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Warmly welcome the Jieding Group to visit Guoxing Precision
Jieding Group and his party visited Guoxing Precision and gave praise. Laid the foundation for Guoxing Precision to expand its overseas business
Glass products enterprise of Liuxin Town, Tongshan, Jiangsu Province, blowing the energy-saving emission reduction assembly numb
On January 26, the special energy-saving and technological transformation of more than 6 million yuan of Liu Xinzhen private Xuzhou Shengshi Glass Products Co., Ltd. energy-saving emission reduction technology production line was officially put into operation...
Warmly welcome Emerson, the world's top 500 company, to visit Guoxing Precision. And was highly praised.
Emerson's Global Supply Chain Director, European Regional Operations Director, and China General Manager visited Guoxing and affirmed the comprehensive strength of our company. I am honored to be Emerson's global strategic partner.
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